My first published story – PRETZEL FISH

Pretzel Fish by Martin Roberts
I’ve not had the chance to post here recently but before I blab about what’s going on I have to let folks know that my short story was published by the wonderful folks at THE MOUSTACHE FACTOR.

Pretzel Fish is my first published tale and you can read it here for FREE!

Other news – I read a story called ‘Summer’ in public at the recent Terror Scribes reunion organised by John B. Ford in Chesterfield last month – my first official public reading, not counting a couple of small extracts I read at the Renegade Writers meetings last year. This seemed to go down quite well despite being quite different from the norm, and I have now submitted it for future publication – so fingers crossed!

We caught up with Paul, Marie, Mark, Ramsey and whole bunch of friends at the recent Hellraiser event at Waterstones –  Liverpool One and Helen also managed to finally drag me to an Iron Maiden concert too.

I wore a bespoke t-shirt with the artwork from Sam Pink’s excellent debut novel PINK, which you should all grab immediately!


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