Digital Tumbleweeds…

I’ve been so busy trying to develop a writing style that’s worthy of being read by people willing to give me a chance.

I’ve been so busy lately putting the final touches to this years ShortFilm Showcase for FantasyCon 2012, not to mention organising an experimental BFS Open Day, and running a table on behalf of the British Fantasy Society at the recent Edge-Lit event in Derby. Dropping in to see old friends and make new ones at a Terror Scribes gathering in Manchester – congratulations Cate & Simon –  that this web space in development has become a poor neglected corner of the Internet.

This excludes the personal commitments of day to day life and a full time job – huge respect goes out to creative folks of all kinds. Many of these people juggle the same commitments as I do and yet somehow manage to write novels, make movies, paint amazing works of art and so on.

I’ve also being trying to come to terms with the fact that I need to either downscale my own reading choices or stop trying to read the entire back catalogue of every single author whose short story or novel/novella I have just discovered and enjoyed. One things is certain, I sadly don’t have time to support every new author I meet, which is worrying as I’m asking the same of others… please read my fumbling attempts at putting together words to create fiction, and like everyone else who is serious about the art of creating, asking these very people to then let me know what they thought.

What a weird and wonderful world we live in, and while pondering this potential Mobius loop I’ve set myself adrift on, here are a couple of books that may just be worthy of your valuable time…

Ray Russell of Tartarus Press emailed the following good news…”Last September Swan River Press published, to great acclaim, The Old Knowledge by Tartarus Press’s Rosalie Parker, and it quickly went out of print. We are delighted to report that Swan River Press is now accepting pre-orders for a second edition.

Ray also sent the following news to my inbox lately…”We are delighted to have been nominated for this years World Fantasy Awards. Raymond Russell and Rosalie Parker are shortlisted in the “Special Award: Non-Professional” category, as is Mark Valentine for Wormwood. Reggie Oliver’s Mrs Midnight is shortlisted in the Best Collection category.” Swan River have also just released Longsword, a precursor of the gothic novel by eighteenth century Dublin-born clergyman Thomas Leland, edited by Albert Power.


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