Spring Cleaning

After the thaw

As usual I’ve neglected my web-presence / blog over the long winter months, and so with a nod towards the spring finally arriving I have decided to initiate Operation Streamline to make the site easier on the eyes of anyone one curious enough to visit.

I’m starting to think that 2013 will be a year of transition. For example 2013 will be my last year as a committee member of the British Fantasy Society – I volunteered at my first FantasyCon back in 2002!

It has always been my intention to step down this year, going out on a high at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton. The decision is NOT directly connected to the recent Facebook discussions about politics, choosing your author friends and other online ‘ribbings’.

For the record: If someone dictates who I can or cannot be ‘friends’ with reeks to me of censorship, and a signpost en route to a dictatorship. It makes me react in the opposite.

If we batten down the hatches, how can we try to educate people with damaging points of view?

Maybe I’m naive. I’ve been taught that all life is equal and until threatened I will try my best to apply that philosophy.

I might be wrong, but that’s what makes me human.

On lighter note I have tried to be more active on Twitter of late, sharing posts that might be of interest and recording the odd observation. I’m preferring it to Facebook of late and I use Twitter as a newsfeed to keep up to date with things I find interesting, so please try not to be too offended if I don’t follow you back.

Then again, maybe I’m just a complete twat after all.


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