Review round up for The 13 Ghosts of Christmas

ImageThe 13 Ghosts of Christmas (Spectral Press) edited by Simon Marshall-Jones, featured my first short story published in the traditional dead tree format. To celebrate, I have rounded up extracts and links to reviews for the anthology so far:

Anthony Watson – ‘My favourite story in the collection though is Martin Roberts’ Now and Then. It’s also the shortest story in there but is stylishly written and structured, sad and scary. It worked for me.’  I’m still blown away  by this review from Anthony, and you can read the full review here.

Ginger Nuts of Horror – “Christmas is a time where all the pent up emotions and feelings of the year come to head, and in this deeply emotionally and disturbing tale, these emotions are laid bare for all to see.  Martin Roberts doesn’t pull any punches in this fascinating story of pain and loss. I felt  great deal of affinity with this story, as Christmas has always been a time when regret and loss battle with happiness in my life during this period.  This is a brilliant story which is told in a refreshing way…”

Hellbound Times – “Now & Then” by Martin Roberts.  A grim Christmas anniversary fuels this evocative tale of loss and pain.  Roberts’ screenwriting pedigree shows, to terrific effect, in this hard-hitting, compelling and stylistically different offering…Walt Hicks.

This is Horror – “Now and Then by Martin Roberts is one of the most disturbing stories in the collection, to summarise would sadly be to spoil it. The strength lies in its emotional hard-hitting core. Whilst a number of stories in the collection deal with misery over the Christmas period, this story portrays the emotion in an accurate and human way.” If this does not persuade you to hop over to Spectral Towers to purchase a copy, read the full review via the link above.

Four reviews can be found at the dedicated Goodreads page.

8 out of 10 from Graeme Reynolds at Starburst magazine.

Author David A. Riley recommends the book here.

Pablo Cheesecake posted a review on The Eloquent Page. Serendipity Reviews offers a review from K.M. Lockwood and there’s another at Heathen Harvest.

A positive overview of The 13 Ghosts of Christmas can be found via Theresa Derwin on her Terror Tree blog  – its not all about me you know!


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