Full Circle

10/01/16 – Sadly, since I published this post, it has been revealed that Spectral Press is suffering from financial problems, and at the time I post this update, I do not know what the situation is with copies of The 13 Ghosts for Christmas, so if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book, please tread carefully. I will post further details as and when I receive them.

I can’t believe that 13 Ghosts for Christmas edited by Simon Marshall-Jones for Spectral Press was published three years ago. I spend so much of my spare time researching books I have yet to purchase, never mind actually read, that sometimes I forget I have written several weird fictions of my own, and actually had most of them published.


For example, Helen managed to surprise me last Christmas by presenting me with a stunning gift – an example of Nick Gucker‘s amazing artwork – and, as I sat there stunned, a little dazed and confused as to what my eyes were feasting on, it never occurred to me that it was a fully realised ink drawing, depicting a ‘creature’ from my own warped imagination.

Helen had commissioned Nick to ‘draw’ a ‘slinky’, a multidimensional entity, and whirlwind of bone and tattered flesh, spiralling in on itself to devour every living thing in its path – see ‘S is for Slinky, Seedy and a Cool, Calming Womb’ in The Grimorium Verum from Western Legends edited by Dean M. Drinkel.

Now, I can not help but wonder what my ‘beasties’ would look like, if drawn by any of the many wonderful artists, whose work I have enjoyed and indeed collected, over the last few years.

Who knows? Perhaps my future self should check, let’s say in three years time.


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