Bargain Buys

I try to make an effort to move – as per my doctors’ instructions -by taking a walk at least every other day. Yesterday, having got up a little earlier than Saturday, sorry 2000AD – we decided to drive over to Buxton, after realising it had been a year since our last visit.

On arrival, I noticed that a book fair was in full progress – I had no prior knowledge, though many would probably doubt me – and usually I don’t find anything with a decent price tag. It turned out I could have brought a couple of graphic novels and one or two other books if I had the money on me. Sadly, I had to pass, the venue no longer has a cash machine!

Luckily, the trip was not a total failure, having already purchased, from a charity shop this wonderfully looking Christmas book by Paul Auster with fantastic artwork from Isol.

After a quick look in Scriveners, and passing on another graphic novel, we headed over to Brierlow Bar Books, which claims to be the largest remainder bookshop in the county/country?

I had better luck here, finding four titles ranging from £3.99 to 25 pence! A couple from Michael Moorcock, one I had completely missed along with the third book in his Pyat quartet. I picked up a sequel to a book I already owned by Edward Carey and finally, from Rjurik Davidson author of The Library of Forgotten Books (PS Publishing), which I have yet to track down.

We had hoped to have energy left to visit a local park, but the addition of the book fair, the fading light, and my energy levels dictated that I had done enough exercise for the day. We made our journey home as the sun sank behind the Winking Man, located in the valleys between Buxton and Leek.


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