meI was nominated for a BBC Award at the 17th Birmingham International Film and Television Festival in 2001 for ‘Paint’ (director/editor), which was followed by the zero budget documentary Assembly of Rogues included with the anthology I edited with the same name and published by Rainfall Books.

Rogues’ was my attempt to capture the state of publishing in Britaim for writers of Horror / Supernatural fiction as we entered the new millennium.

An essay about Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead (Dead Alive) appeared in Cinema Macabre from PS Publishing, edited by Mark Morris.

Recently I drifted towards writing stories to some success, having been published both on-line and in print anthologies.

As a volunteer for the British Fantasy Society, roles included Publicity Coordinator, Events, and Stockholder.

I stepped down from the BFS committee after roughly ten years of service.

Other credits include the Short Film Showcase at various FantasyCons, and Lint: The Movie based on the novel by Steve Aylett.


Winner of Allen Ashley’s “Write a Postcard” competition at the launch of Where Are We Going? Edited by Allen Ashley (Eibonvale Press)

I wasn’t going to publish anything for a few days as I am currently moving, but this story is too good and I decided to put it up right away. ‘

Dustin Reade, Editor of The Mustache Factor on Pretzel Fish

‘…especially notable because Martin Roberts read a story which I thought was truly outstanding. It was untitled and I’m still not sure what it was about but some of the ideas and imagery was terrific.’

Rod Rees, Author of The Demi-Monde on ‘S is for Slinky, Seedy, and a Cool, Calming Womb’

I like the attitude you put into your work.

Alan M. Clark, World Fantasy award winning artist and writer on ‘Citizen Shit

Martin can be reached via lordfroggy (at)  gmail.com


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