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Due @ the end of January 2016 – Chromatics


Chromatics edited by Dean  M. Drinkel with stories from Dave Jeffery, Raven Dane, Mark West, Anthony Cowin, Anthony Crowley, Zak Arthur Ferguson, and others.

Introduction by John Gilbert (Fear magazine) and published by Lycopolis Press.

This anthology features ‘Beige‘, and the 5th of 8 stories I have completed so far, to be published.

Beige‘, a tale of bland furnishings, demonic portals and heroic sacrifices.

Beige‘ is Sarah Beeney’s worst nightmare…Homes under the Hammer meets Mike Leigh’s The Evil Dead.

Excerpt:- ‘Beige

Thank fuck for small mercies.

I’ve been looking for suitable habitation for several nights now. I’m almost out of time, too close for comfort.

Over the last several nights the dreams have grown more vivid. I lie on damp earth, wedged between mortar and scrub, neither provides comfort or warmth.

I look upwards, towards a bleak night sky polluted by the sights and sounds of humanity that surrounds me, suffocates me, my body finally gives in to the hungry demand of tiredness, and I fall into a deep sleep.


The angelic creature reminds me of a lion frozen in mid roar, exposed in the centre of a vast square. Is it punishment, a warning to the curious or protection for the innocent?

This grand statue mimics my own sleeping form.

The tilted mane and never-ending snarl cries out in anger to a deaf crystal-blue sky. Yet somehow, I understand this creature’s rage, it feels focused and… directed.

In a single moment of emphatic clarity I know its pain and cry for its suffering.

Beige‘ by Martin Roberts from Chromatics edited by Dean M. Drinkel from Lycopolis Press soon!


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